3 Tab Roof Shingles vs. Architectural Roof Shingles

Roof damage is a very common claim that many homeowners need to file on their home owners insurance.

When a tree fell on my garage and punctured the roof and snapped several trusses my insurance company sent an adjuster out and took pictures of everything inside and outside of the garage.

The insurance company then wrote an estimate for the labor and materials to repair the garage.

Quickly I noticed all the materials were cheaper inferior options compared to what was actually installed on my garage.

The insisted on only compensating me for 3 Tab shingles when they took pictures of my roof and knew they were architectural shingles.

So what’s the difference between the two?

I’ll enlist the help from my friends over at RoofPedia.com for this one you can see a full break down comparison of the two here:

In my case my first adjuster told me that the estimate he wrote which only compensated for 3 tab shingles was all he could do for me. He did not have anything to say for why I wasn’t being compensated for my architectural shingles.

Insurance companies may try to insist on only replacing your architectural shingles with 3 Tab because there is a huge cost savings for them.

It wasn’t until the fact that I pointed out that by doing this they were failing to properly indemnify me and that I was going to seek legal action against them for this and make them reimburse me for my legal expenses incurred.

If you had a roofing claim and feel your insurance company did not properly compensate you for the materials that were on your home please submit your case.

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