OSB vs. Plywood – Why Your Homeowners Insurance Wants to Give You OSB Instead of Plywood

If you filed a property claim with your homeowners insurance and you had damaged plywood sheathing. There’s a good chance your homeowners insurance insisted on only compensating you to replace your plywood with OSB.

Many people in the building trades claim they are equal however they are not. Your home owners insurance defaults to only compensating you for OSB because plywood costs more. In some area plywood can cost double what OSB does.

In this video Matt Risinger is a well known building expert he covers the differences between OSB and plywood.

Here is another video that shows a 2 x 4 being shot at OSB and plywood. This is very important for huricane and tornado prone areas. If your sheathing on the side of your house or roof was replaced with a lesser grade than you had. Your family could be at risk.

This video is talking about covering your windows however if your wall sheating was plywood and your insurance company replaced it with OSB a 2 x 4 could come flying through your wall. The vinyl siding and house wrap that’s over the sheathing is not going to add any strength.

Did your insurance company only compensate your claim for OSB when you had plywood before. Submit your case to join a class action.

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